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If we want to accelerate the diffusion of innovation – where do we start and end measurement?

One of our biggest challenges towards helping to innovate in a “heart-beat” is understanding when we start measuring and when we end our measurements. Indeed the existing models (i.e. diffusion of innovation curve and Gartner Hype cycles) “seem” to begin with a specific idea and then try to track that although this runs into difficulties as ideas change, cluster, are re-engineered or indeed move into phases that are notoriously difficult to observe (i.e. late adopters and laggards). The image comes from where you can watch an amazing 24 hour time lapse of global air traffic – planes can be tracked – can we track innovations? One the thoughts that might help us is understanding that there is a significant phase before these concepts during which ideas are created in the first place. This phase could be called “ideation” and (sort of) begin with the realisation “I have an idea” (the starting point of the innovation journey which m

Do we “REALLY REALLY” need to revisit the diffusion of innovation in high value manufacturing?

Dear all – is our proposal relevant and needed? The next step in our Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance proposal is the completion of a needs analysis in relation to the approach we have set up in the COST proposal. In this respect a short summary: “ADI-HVM is a European Knowledge Alliance focused on helping to accelerate the diffusion of innovations in high value manufacturing industries from ideation to market saturation. The need for this is seen in the continuous struggle of such industries to rapidly and sustainably implement innovations across their value streams. The reason for this is seen in the dependence on industrial age process paradigms that do not do justice to the dynamic adaptive nature of the systems that enable such innovations in the economy and society of today. ADI-HVM is based on the understanding that the speed of this diffusion depends primarily on the continuous (re-) alignment of innovations with the integrated and interdependent sequence of liv

High Level Industry Participation Expectations - Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Proposal “European Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM)”

This posting provides an initial high level overview of the expectations towards industry partners in the project. Minimum contribution to the proposal preparation is limited to discussions clarifying these expectations – more is always welcome. As part of qualifying as a proposer each potential higher education proposal partner will solicit the participation of an industrial company active in the high value manufacturing space. The benefits of participating for the industrial company are: Identification of short-, medium and long term actionable interventions to rapidly accelerate the diffusion of innovation across their whole product life cycle (diffusion of innovation curve). Determination of relevant short-, medium and long term actionable changes to the whole product life cycle management process (diffusion of innovation curve) itself. Enablement of stakeholders to apply the identified actionable interventions. Benchmarking of efforts against comparable industry orga

Announcing: Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Proposal Development “European Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM)”

Announcing: Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Proposal Development “European Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM)” Dear all - this is the first draft of a summary of the proposal. This is the starting point for a project "sketch" that, upon completion, will be reviewed with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) which provides support for these types of proposals. Comments and further proposal participants (especially from industry) appreciated! Summary Sustainable competitive advantage in high value manufacturing ecosystems (such as aerospace, automobile, pharmaceuticals, civil engineering and chemicals) is heavily dependent on the capability to rapidly and continuously innovate key products and services. Ecosystems are hereby understood as that interplay of multiple stakeholders (i.e. manufacturers, higher education and research institutions, and customers) assuming multiple roles in a

Call for Expression of Interest: ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM)

Dear all - this is the official call for expressions of interest to participate in creating a proposal for an ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance proposal for the upcoming call that is expected to open in October 2019 and is expected to close in March 2020. More details on these sort of proposals can be found here . The working title will be: European Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM). For those of you who have already indicated your interest please review this posting carefully and look out for the invitation to the kick-off call. "Knowledge Alliances are transnational and involve minimum six independent organisations from at least three Programme Countries, out of which at least two higher education institutions and at least two enterprises." Funding provided under these programmes covers full costs based on a generic funding model and does not req

Training Slide 1: Revisiting the Laws of Knowledge Dynamics

This is the first of the training slides for "Innovation Web Practitioners". Innovation is the application of knowledge. Knowledge can be understood as the human capability to act in context. The following three “laws” or “key attributes” of innovation were defined by Debra Mae Amidon, Piero Formica and Eunika  Mercier-Laurent many years ago and remain a solid framework for understanding the innovation journey.  Special thanks go to the many others who were of course involved and influential in evolving these paradigms - indeed it was a tribal view. Important to note is that we re-define "commercialization" in line with the diffusion of innovation curve to mean "market saturation" which injects a unique element into the innovation journey. "Commercialization" is only the start, becoming a "household concept" is the aspiration. How do we make our innovations become the "Aspirin" or the "Kleenex" of it