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Preparing "ACT-Natural! Using Biomimicry to Accelerate Collaborative Support in Crisis Scenarios"

Dear all - we are now beginning to launch preparations for the third (and due to resource limitations the last) Horizon Europe proposal. As a reminder the other two are ACT-FASTER! (Cybersafety in Smart City Ecosystems) and ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey stageplay. Below a very first summary of thoughts generated by Yael ( ), David ( ), Edna ( ) and myself ( ). While it is currently unclear which specific funding call we might apply for there will surely be opportunity with the upcoming Horizon Europe programme and we could perhaps explore various global disaster relief organizations (see for a good list). We should also aim for policy guidance input to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction ( ). The i

A Short Introduction to ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey +

Script of our draft five minute video introducing ACT-NOW!: Hello and welcome from the stage! Behind me we have the Shakespeare Globe Theater in London where I look forward to meeting you for the grand finale of our upcoming world tour. Ok – just the virtual version for the moment – can´t afford the real thing yet unfortunately – but maybe you can help us change this. So … Thank you for taking a moment to explore an exciting, innovative and powerful approach to making a real and rapid difference to our world. My name is Oliver Schwabe and in the next five minutes I will share a short overview of the “ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey Plus” experience and invite you to join us as a challenger, innovator, host or sponsor. ACT-NOW! Is a two-Day Expedition of Diverse Groups of Future Leaders to Discover an Innovative Solution to a Real Complex Challenge and then Simulate the Journey of that Solution from Ideation to Market Success based on Science and using Applied Drama Methods, speci

ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey+ / A First Brief Description for Reflection

  Dear all - this is the very first attempt at the proposal summary for the foundation grant request - the below will need to be reduced to a 1/3 page and we can move content as necessary in the template version on Google Drive we are working on. ****************************************************************************** We are a consortium of <…> organizations from higher education, research, industry and SMEs in <…> countries across the world that aspires to accelerate the achievement of Horizon Europe Goals for Pillar 2 “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness” for “Health”, “Inclusive and Secure Society”, “Digital and Industry”, “Climate, Energy and Mobility”, and “Food and natural resources.” (See,and%20innovation%20missions%20to%20increase%20the...%20More%20 ).  On this path we also intend to accelerate achievement of the Robert Bosch Foundation

Enabling Human Trust in Ecosystems: The Hybrid Human-Machine “Trust” Blockchain

Dear all – in our work we continuously see that the “key” to accelerating the diffusion of innovations from ideation to market saturation lies in the trust that participants in the innovation web have in each other. Rapidly scaling the trust of personal relationships across larger and larger user groups and ecosystems is then a critical capability needed in order to tackle geographical, temporal and cultural etc. diversity among participants. In search of tools to enable scaling we automatically arrive at the concept of blockchains with their enabling infrastructure. Blockchain has established itself as an effective technology to protect data and thus ensure secure data transactions on many levels. However, to date, blockchain has focused on connecting “devices” in information systems only. Blockchain is a solution focused on tangible things and by choice blends out human exchanges. A definite caveat however is the high energy usage which contradicts efforts to reduce climate change. O

Invitation to join our pre-proposal research for "ACT-FASTER! Establish, Enable and Accelerate the Diffusion of an Innovative “Hybrid Human-Technology Blockchain” Cyber Safety Solution.

Dear all - we are now nearing completion of the questionnaire to support the Excellence Section of our proposal. Please find the invitation and introduction to the first section below.  If you are interested in supporting the survey, and thus joining the consortium for the proposal, please reach out and contact to discuss the best way forward. If you are not member of a municipality / city (and hence a potential interviewee) you will need to "bring along" such an interviewee in order to participate.   All members of the future consortium (who do not work for a municipality / city) will also need to assume responsibility for running 3-5 interviews (90 minutes each) with members of municipalities / cities within a 4 week period. Besides being the foundation for the proposal, the interview results will be consolidated in a journal paper submission. Please contact me by end of day Friday 20 November if you wish to participate in the proposal. La