Call for Expression of Interest: ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM)

Dear all - this is the official call for expressions of interest to participate in creating a proposal for an ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance proposal for the upcoming call that is expected to open in October 2019 and is expected to close in March 2020. More details on these sort of proposals can be found here

The working title will be: European Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ADI-HVM).

For those of you who have already indicated your interest please review this posting carefully and look out for the invitation to the kick-off call.

"Knowledge Alliances are transnational and involve minimum six independent organisations from at least three Programme Countries, out of which at least two higher education institutions and at least two enterprises."

Funding provided under these programmes covers full costs based on a generic funding model and does not require contributions from participants. Maximum funding volume for a three year programme is in the range of €1M.

The proposal will be based on the previously submitted ENTOV-HVM COST proposal (see and proposers will need to:

  • join in "pairs" of higher education institutions and enterprises, i.e. university A with enterprise B, whereby the enterprise must be active in high value manufacturing. There is room for diverse "sub-contracting" of workpackages to diverse types of individuals and organizations who are not higher education institutions or high value manufacturing organizations.
  • nominate individuals from their institutions who will actively assume leadership and ownership for their parts of the proposal.
For your orientation a proposal template from the previous call can be found at

Proposers will furthermore be expected to assume ownership of / accountability for specific workpackages (see COST proposal for orientation) and ensure that all formal requirements are met in a timely manner. Current high level workpackages defined in the COST proposal and which will need to refined / assigned are:

  • Success Stories: Mapping the innovation diffusion of successful historical HVM innovations
  • Living Networks: Creating a reference-architecture and its simulation for game-changing exchanges in HVM innovation diffusion
  • Disruptive Technology: Understanding how technology disruptively accelerates HVM innovation diffusion
  • Disruptive Relationships: Understanding how human relationships disruptively accelerate HVM innovation diffusion
  • Designing for Rapid Diffusion: Defining the optimal design of HVM ideas to diffuse in a “heart-beat”
  • Innovation Automation: Establishing an online platform for simulating HVM innovation diffusion and
  • Event / Mission coordination.
ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance proposals are a lot of work and the probability of success is at best 20%, however they are the next logical step for us and, as we are seeing with the ongoing work, will lead to multiple smaller commercial opportunities as well.

There will shortly be an invite to a first call to discuss collaboration opportunities and expectations.

We look forward to launching another exciting proposal with everyone!



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