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Marie Curie RISE Proposal: Educate, Ideate and Diffuse

Dear all – in Zweibrücken we laid the foundation for a new project proposal under the leadership of the University of Padova focused on disseminating the capability to accelerate the diffusion of innovations from ideation to market saturation. Three basic phases were identified: Educate, Ideate and Diffuse. The phases would of course be “packaged” in the normal supporting work packages around management, quality assurance, effectiveness evaluation etc. like we have in our current Knowledge Alliance proposal. The image is a first draft of a potential logo and name courtesy Peter Plapper, University of Luxembourg. The proposed project name of “Kardinal” needs to be explored further since it will need to represent a suitable acronym. Structurally we discussed creating a distributed network of higher education nodes across Europe where researchers would deliver the phases and “circulate” participants among themselves in enable cross-contamination. Starting nodes could be in German

What is the role of Business Participants in our Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Proposal ADI-HVM?

Dear all – as we move to finalizing the proposal in the next weeks please see the description of the role of the business participants. There will be separate conversations started to clarify any details and after February to actually launch into the project – albite slowly since funding will not be available yet. The following text is included in the proposal for every business participant – note that the limit is 1500 characters with spaces- Modular origami image from and perhaps illustrating the challenge of folding the participation of various roles into an effective symmetry.   “This is a business participant in the project and primarily responsible for providing a case study at the outset of the project, verifying the robustness of the simulation tool developed, verifying the robustness of the design principles created, validating the overall simulation model in practice and piloting the career framework as it develops. The partici

Inaugural Roundtable and Learning Event - "Amazing"

The Open European Network for ENTerprise InnOVation in High Value Manufacturing - ENTOV-HVM ( ) held its Inaugural Roundtable and Initial Training Day on Wednesday January 22 nd and Thursday January 23 rd , 2020 at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern in Zweibrücken, Germany. The event was hosted jointly by the Competency Center "OPINNOMETH" (Operational Excellence and Innovation Methods) at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern and the ed-Media e.V. Institute for Innovation in Education and Business Processes. Over 20 innovation professionals joined us from around the world, nine months after launch of the network, to align around efforts, share stories and set the foundation for new proposals to co-create. The event was sponsored by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern ( ) and ed-Media ( ), Entovation International ( ),   Eurofocus Internationa

Towards Understanding the Research Challenge - "Track and Trace" of Ideas?

Dear all – while there are many activities underway to finalize preparations for the January 22/23 event in Zweibrücken and the to complete our Knowledge Alliance proposal for submission by 26 February latest, there is a fundamental question we need to start exploring which is “How to “track and trace” the diffusion of an innovation from ideation to market saturation. In my previous post I suggested the analogy of “cookies” that we encounter on the Internet as a tangible example for reflection. Internet cookies basically allow a website to identify users (to then capture user information) and then provide customized services to those users based on the information gathered. Another nice analogy might be diffusion tensor imaging used to explore diffusion of changes in organisms – the image shows this for the human brain ( ) When it comes to “ideas” we are faced by these arising in many different places, in many different

Tracing Ideas from Ideation to Market Saturation

One of the biggest challenges we face as we explore the journey of ideas from ideation to market saturation is how to TRACE their progress. This is especially challenging since on their journey ideas will not only combine with others, but also dis- and re-assemble in a multitude of manners. Defining exactly what we need to trace and then how to „tag“ this in a way that allows for tracing is not an easy challenge to address! And yes, we also need to find a technique that allows fort he tracing itself. The concept of intellectual property obviously also plays a role here. The practical outcome of investigating this challenge might be similar to the results of a GPS tracking device; where was the idea, where is it now, where is the idea heading. And of course a suggestion about what we can do to massively accelerate the speed of diffusion to market saturation (any short-cuts available perhaps?). Thinking about how are knowledge alliance proposal is structured this then begs the qu

The Narrative for Generic Diffusion of Innovation

A  video   showing   the   sequential   transactions   is   available   here  - . Note  that   the   speed   of   the   video   can   be   adjusted  in YouTube  as   desired . This living systems map represents a simple generic narrative for the diffusion of innovations . The narrative is applicable for all types of innovations and is distilled from a wide spectrum of research results and contemporary work-flow structures in industry . The narrative serves as a baseline for starting exploration on the nature and behavior of difussion of innovations to then provide the foundation for determining actionable interventions which can disruptively accelerate it. The narrative describes the key roles and exchanges involved from ideation through research triggered by a challenge from users to investment payback to the supporting investor . Roles are shown in grey shaded oval shap