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Call for Expressions of Interest: H2020 Opportunity - "Accelerating Deep Diffusion of Digital Security Solutions in SMEs"

Dear all - after some exploring on open calls that interest me professionally I have identified this potential opportunity for us - some first details follow and please remember that if you have a specific area of passion and would like support in identifying/answering a relevant call do let me know. Proposal submission is 27 August 2020 and we will customize our Knowledge Alliance Proposal to the specific all requirements (see this ). If you are interested in participating please reach to me and reserve your slot in the Consortium by Friday 29 May 2020. More details on the exact approach and administrative points will be issued over the next few weeks. Please note that this call also aligns with our Academy specialization course "S-8: Cybersecurity for Products and Services: Using the generic narrative for the diffusion of innovation and based upon an industry case study this course aims to introduce participants to the specific nature

Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test Version 2.0 Available - Now with Multiple Diffusion Phase Forecasts

Dear all - Version 2 of the Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test (see also ) is now available and breaks down the forecast overall diffusion of innovation curve into the various market phases / adopter categories as shown in the image on the left. The tool design sets the basis for playful experimentation with the Litmus Test answers and a number of variables based on the following starting mathematical model - early days yet, but already "good enough" for 99% of the needs of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and all venturists! Version 2 of the Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test can be downloaded here ( )). Key new functionalities are: A Pareto chart of the individual Litmus Test answers in order to identify where to focus in order to improve scoring. Connection of the Litmus Test answers with a diffusion mod

Why Frank the Pug exemplies Innovation Webs in Action - "Multum in Parvo"

Dear all, the more time I spend exploring the state of art of accelerating innovation in high value manufacturing with innovation webs ( ) for the literature research section for our CIRPe 2020 article ( ) and continuing to work on Version 2 of our Litmus Test Version 2 ( ), the more obvious it becomes that the "recipe" for successfull diffusion of innovation from ideation to market saturation is actually a quite simple one and requires a lot less energy than we might think. For the impatient reader simply put - hire Frank to drive innovation forward! Yesterday (in a different context) I stumbled across the article "Self-isolate like a king: why Hen

The Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test

The Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test enables you to forecast how long it will take for your innovation to travel from ideation to market saturation. The individual questions then enable you to identify and implement actionable interventions which accelerate that diffusion as desired. The forecast is based on your assessment of key questions related to your innovation and the group of individuals that is needed to diffuse it based on the narrative of the generic innovation diffusion web available at . The Test is an Excel(R) based tool that can be downloaded for free from . The Test focuses on key accelerators for innovation diffusion to late adopters and is designed to be completed without prior knowledge of the body of knowledge underpinning the test. While in-depth analysis are available, the test focuses on b

(Online) CIRPe 2020 – 8th CIRP Global Web Conference – Flexible Mass Customisation: A Maturity Model for Rapid Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing

Dear all, below please find the abstract submitted for this online conference (see  for more details). Participating ENTOV-HVM members at the moment are Oliver Schwabe, Pinar Bilge, Andreas Hoessler, John Erkoyuncu, Lynne Schneider, Brian Donnellan, Piero Formica, Franz Dietrich, and Essam Shehab. If you are still interested in joining please let me know - we are especially interested in more case studies. We should be receiving notification about abstract acceptance by end of April and the paper is due middle of June. The online conference is October 14-16 2020 in a pure online format. Abstract "This paper applies a research-based maturity model for forecasting the speed of innovation diffusion in high value manufacturing from ideation to market saturation. The intent is to identify those “game changing” variables which enable the disruptively fast diffusion of innovations that significantly reduces financial uncertainty and minim