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Presented: CIRPe 2020 – 8th CIRP Global Web Conference – Flexible Mass Customization "A Maturity Model for Rapid Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing"

Dear all - on 15 October we presented a small conference paper summarizing our case study work in innovation diffusion using our Litmus Test Version 3 (see As a next step we will need to work on a more general method paper for a relevant journal - congrats to everyone involved! The conference was the CIRPe 2020 – 8th CIRP Global Web Conference – Flexible Mass Customization "A Maturity Model for Rapid Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing"Authors were: Oliver Schwabe, Pinar Bilge, Andreas Hoessler, Taner Tunc, Daniel Gaspar,Nigel Price, Lee Sharir, Edna Pasher, John Erkoyuncu, Nuno Marques de Almeida, Piero Formica, Lynne Schneider, Franz Dietrich, Essam ShehabAbstractIn order to support accelerating the diffusion of innovations in high value manufacturing related to enabling flexible mass customization, this paper presents a research-based maturity model for …

World Premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day - Wow!

On Wednesday 14 October 2020 the world premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day occured during the Galileo Innovation Week in Padova (See Six students of the CONTAMINATION LAB VENETO had bravely volunteered to meet the unknown and met at the Cultural Centre of Padua (See at 9 am to prepare for THEIR story at 5 pm in front of perhaps 200 visitors in the audience. We had ONLY THREE HOURS to prepare and the nervousness mounted over time! We had met in a short Zooom on the preceeding Friday and did cheat a little in that everyone received the play script after that call (See and thus had a little time to explore the story they were being asked to present. In addition we decided to use the opportunity and ask Professor Piero Formica to act as "advocatus diab…

Announcing the World Premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Stage Play in Padua, Italy on 14 October 2020 at 17:15pm

Dear all, with the wonderful support of Piero Formica and Fabrizio Dughiero we can now confirm that this event is going ahead at the Cultural Centre of Padua ( as part of a scaled down Galileo Innovation Week (due to the Covid pandemic). See also for the program and registration in case you can make it.The Padua "C-Labbers" (Contamination Labs students) are courageously grabbing the stage and everyone else is welcome to join. Performance will probably be in Italian (based on the English script attached) and we are excited to see what happens. Preparation will be from 9 am to 2 pm (latest) and everyone is welcome to join us.The script can be found at and we continue looking for opportunities to work with you to deliver the opportunity.Please contact me if you have any ques…