World Premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day - Wow!

On Wednesday 14 October 2020 the world premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day occured during the Galileo Innovation Week in Padova (See Six students of the CONTAMINATION LAB VENETO had bravely volunteered to meet the unknown and met at the Cultural Centre of Padua (See at 9 am to prepare for THEIR story at 5 pm in front of perhaps 200 visitors in the audience. We had ONLY THREE HOURS to prepare and the nervousness mounted over time! We had met in a short Zooom on the preceeding Friday and did cheat a little in that everyone received the play script after that call (See and thus had a little time to explore the story they were being asked to present. In addition we decided to use the opportunity and ask Professor Piero Formica to act as "advocatus diab…

Announcing the World Premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Stage Play in Padua, Italy on 14 October 2020 at 17:15pm

Dear all, with the wonderful support of Piero Formica and Fabrizio Dughiero we can now confirm that this event is going ahead at the Cultural Centre of Padua ( as part of a scaled down Galileo Innovation Week (due to the Covid pandemic). See also for the program and registration in case you can make it.The Padua "C-Labbers" (Contamination Labs students) are courageously grabbing the stage and everyone else is welcome to join. Performance will probably be in Italian (based on the English script attached) and we are excited to see what happens. Preparation will be from 9 am to 2 pm (latest) and everyone is welcome to join us.The script can be found at and we continue looking for opportunities to work with you to deliver the opportunity.Please contact me if you have any ques…

After a Proposal is before a Proposal - Quo Vadis now? Creating a Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Team

Dear all, The submission of our ACT-FAST proposal (~ ACCELERATING DEEP DIFFUSION OF DIGITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS IN HIGH VALUE MANUFACTURING (S)ME ECOSYSTEMS ~ ) on Thursday 27 August marked a further milestone in our development as "...a trustworthy, deeply connected group of diverse world-class game changers, at all career stages, from multiple disciplines with a passion for innovation and addressing industrial and societal challenges. We collaborate in an open, adaptive and tribal network based on archetypal patterns of innovation success." Under the leadership of Maynooth University and strong participation of our new friends from VTT, Tel Aviv University, UniSmart, InfoTeam International and Vidzeme University we were able to submit a high quality proposal for a "really really" good idea. As a reminder "The vision of ACT-FAST is to establish, enable and accelerate learning communities, that share knowledge regarding digital security related incidents and ri…

Our eGoose Proof of Concept - Friends refering Friends?

Dear all - its been about a week since we launched our Whatsapp based proof of concept - do contact me via Whatsapp +49 (0) 1709053671 if you would like to join.
We now have 19 members and are welcoming them as follows:
"Dear all - please again welcome <name> to our "cyber self-protection" group :) A group of (friends of) friends which is there for each other in case of cyber incidents and imminent risks - a group that will hopefully always have extremely LOW levels of activity!
"In our ecosystem we protect each other from cyber threats by telling others when we have come close to being compromised or actually have been compromised. "
<name> is a friend of <name> so please extend your trust to him. 
Rules of Engagement
1. Protect friends by encouraging them to register via SMS/WhatsApp.
2. If you think you are compromised -> SMS/Whatsapp your trusted expert for arranging a personal call to review it (this is me for the moment).
3. If you are compr…

H2020 RIA Proposal: ACT-FAST (eGoose) - Concept and Methodology / Concept for Review

Dear all - below a first draft of this proposal section for review.
"Describe and explain the overall concept underpinning the project. Describe the main ideas, models or assumptions involved. Identify any inter-disciplinary considerations and, where relevant, use of stakeholder knowledge. Where relevant, include measures taken for public/societal engagement on issues related to the project. Describe the positioning of the project e.g. where it is situated in the spectrum from ‘idea to application’, or from ‘lab to market’. Refer to Technology Readiness Levels where relevant. (See General Annex G of the work programme)" 
The overall concept underpinning the proposal is that the degree of digital security for extended supply chain ecosystems of SMEs and MEs[1] is based on the attention given to the issue by the individual ecosystem participants themselves. Indeed, without this attention, the importance of the issue will not be recognized in the first place and the relevant k…

Behaviour of Participants in Successfull Ecosystems - Birds of a Feather?

As writing our eGoose proposal picks up momentum and I reflect on the core narrative of the Excellence section I am exploring how to tell the story of what social behaviours we will help "engineer" in order to bring the overall solution to life.
As a reminder our object of analysis is extended supply chain ecosystems of SMEs and MEs in high vlaue manufacturing and within that the sharing of knowledge related to cyber safety incidents, risks and treatments.
Knowledge sharing is a social phenomenon exhibited by groups of individuals and perhaps we can draw an analogy to swarm theory and the basic rules that dominate such phenomena. Wikipedia has a nice article on this and nicely highlights the "Boids" artifical life program from 1987 which suggests three simple rules for group participants which significantly enhance the probably of emergent "game changing" behaviors: Separation: steer to avoid crowding local flockmatesAlignment: steer towards the average he…

Business Invitation to Join Us in Our eGoose Proposal - Aspiring to "Instant" CyberSafety in EU Manufacturing SME Ecosystems

Version 3.0 issued on July 18th, 2020. For PDF and MS word Version see ENTOV-HVM eGoose Industry Participation Call 20200718 PDF and MS Word

Please note that on July 30th, 2020 from 14:00 CET to 15:00 CET we will be holding a webinar in collaboration with Infoteam International to present this effort and answer any questions. Your attendance link is HERE.

Invitation to High Value Manufacturing Medium-, Small- and Micro-Sized Enterprises, Industrial Organizations and Digital Security Intelligence Providers to Participate as Associate Partners in our “eGoose” Horizon Europe Innovation Action Proposal on enabling
“Digital Security and Privacy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro Enterprises (MEs)”
with the aim
“to build communities of learning (supported by collaboration technologies) that democratically share knowledge of digital security incidents, risks and treatments among participants of extended SME and ME supply chain ecosystems in order to raise their indi…