Training Slide 1: Revisiting the Laws of Knowledge Dynamics

This is the first of the training slides for "Innovation Web Practitioners".

Innovation is the application of knowledge. Knowledge can be understood as the human capability to act in context.

The following three “laws” or “key attributes” of innovation were defined by Debra Mae Amidon, Piero Formica and Eunika  Mercier-Laurent many years ago and remain a solid framework for understanding the innovation journey. 

Special thanks go to the many others who were of course involved and influential in evolving these paradigms - indeed it was a tribal view.

Important to note is that we re-define "commercialization" in line with the diffusion of innovation curve to mean "market saturation" which injects a unique element into the innovation journey. "Commercialization" is only the start, becoming a "household concept" is the aspiration. How do we make our innovations become the "Aspirin" or the "Kleenex" of its market?

1st Law: Knowledge multiplies when it is shared.

Knowledge is a limitless and expandable source of economic wealth. Intellectual assets – effectively exploited through innovation – are the most valuable resource to manage;

2nd Law: Value is created when knowledge moves from the point of origin to the point of highest need or opportunity.

Innovation encompasses the full spectrum, from idea creation to commercialisation, and successful innovation involves converting knowledge flows into marketable goods and services;

3rd Law: Collaboration for mutual leverage provides optimal utilisation of tangible and intangible resources within and across boundaries.

Collaboration replaces the competitive (win/lose) paradigm prevalent today. Win/win benefits are based on pooling and leveraging competencies: knowledge, know-how and skills.


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