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The Impact of ACT-NOW! Aligning Behaviour of Future Leaders with Innovation Success Factors.

The ACT - NOW ! experience brings previous research “to life” to accelerate the deep diffusion of innovations by enabling them to escape the gravity of daily business [1] . The play-script [2] mirrors the research-based story of evolving innovation-webs [3] which describes the evolution of innovations from ideation to market/adopter success . Enacting the play-script enables participants to not only understand, but experience such. An experientially driven behavioral change is achieved which in turn increases the probability that these factors will be focused in future innovation efforts . The primary interdependent acceleration factors for reducing the time for innovations to travel from ideation to market/adopter success that are focused on in ACT - NOW ! are: ·          The availability of budget and resources to fund the effort to achieve adopter / market saturation. In Act IV: The Game Changers, participants are challe