A Short Introduction to ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey +

Script of our draft five minute video introducing ACT-NOW!:

Hello and welcome from the stage! Behind me we have the Shakespeare Globe Theater in London where I look forward to meeting you for the grand finale of our upcoming world tour. Ok – just the virtual version for the moment – can´t afford the real thing yet unfortunately – but maybe you can help us change this.

So … Thank you for taking a moment to explore an exciting, innovative and powerful approach to making a real and rapid difference to our world. My name is Oliver Schwabe and in the next five minutes I will share a short overview of the “ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey Plus” experience and invite you to join us as a challenger, innovator, host or sponsor.

ACT-NOW! Is a two-Day Expedition of Diverse Groups of Future Leaders to Discover an Innovative Solution to a Real Complex Challenge and then Simulate the Journey of that Solution from Ideation to Market Success based on Science and using Applied Drama Methods, specifically a Play-in-a-Day presented to a Live Audience of peers and charitable and angel investors.

Evolving from the world-premiere sponsored by the University of Padua, C-Lab and the Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation at the Galileo Innovation Week in Padua, Italy on October 14th 2020 we are conducting a world-tour of ACT-NOW! In 2021 with currently planned appearances in Lisbon, Padua, Tallinn and Tel-Aviv with further venues to follow. Important to note is that each appearance will be as part of a larger event at our hosting institutions. And yes, working hard to ensure the needed funding comes together!

You may now ask “So what?”, or “What is the benefit?” …. We prefer to ask “What if…?”

“WHAT IF… we could RAPIDLY EDUCATE Future Leaders to master innovation tasks at all levels of society (from daycare, through schools, universities and high potentials in organizations), tasks that “cannot be automated and that require creativity, social intelligence, reflection, and cooperation.”?

WHAT IF… we could RAPIDLY ENABLE Future Leaders to ACCELERATE the Achievement of Horizon Europe Goals for Pillar 2 “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness” for “Health”, “Inclusive and Secure Society”, “Digital and Industry”, “Climate, Energy and Mobility”, and “Food and natural resources.”?

Imagine what would be possible IF we could achieve this! Just imagine!

The Innovation Journey+ can help rapidly EDUCATE and ENABLE this using Diversity and Drama based methods developed through decades of research in Science and Humanities in Face-To-Face settings. This will furthermore increase ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP, promote PEACE AND STABILITY, and build STRONGER BRIDGES between Science, Research and Society.

We are not a formal commercial organization, we are a voluntary non-profit consortium consisting of The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation, the global innovation think-tank Entovation International, the University of Padua, the University of Padua Foundation UniSmart and the Contamination Lab Veneto.

The two-day events will be hosted by consortium members as part of major face-to-face events in their region (for example the annual Galileo Innovation Week in Padua, Italy). Business organizations will be invited to apply to present specific relevant challenges they are addressing in the spirit of Horizon Europe Pillar 2. Future Leaders from universities and organizations will be invited to apply for joining the Ideation and Play-in-a-Day workshops. Charitable and angel investors will be invited to apply for accelerating presented ideas based on an innovation diffusion acceleration model developed by the consortium.

On the first day the business challenge is presented to a diverse group of innovators and they will spend the day discovering an innovation solution to the challenge.

On the second day the innovators meet at 9 in the morning and spend the day creating a stage play based on a Shakespearean script with a story based on science which they then perform in the afternoon to a live audience.

After the event collaboration with willing charitable and angel investors will support team building and acceleration of the actual innovation journey for the innovative idea.

The overall spirit of all activities follows the principles of Econaissance eloquently put in context by Professor Piero Formica as he guides us all to a new digital Renaissance.

The grand finale of our world tour will be a three-day event at the London Shakespeare Globe theater where the participants from all the individual events will be invited to come together to a fulminant ACT-NOW! experience in its own right. Acknowledging that the Innovation Journey is one of ups and downs, the logo of ACT-NOW! mirrors the view of the stars from the inside of the Globe theaters to remind us that the journey to becoming a star is one of challenge and hardship which is best to master with friends – per aspera ad astra indeed!

This wraps up my short introduction to ACT-NOW! And thank you for your time. If you care about enabling our Future Leaders to help achieve a Better Future then consider turning caring into money – sponsor events, feed the actors, bring a challenge or provide knowledge and relationships to accelerate and grow the tour. Contact me via oliver.schwabe@innovation-web for further details.

Take care and we look forward to hearing from you. In any case, stay tuned to hear when we come to a venue close to you!


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