Preparing "ACT-Natural! Using Biomimicry to Accelerate Collaborative Support in Crisis Scenarios"

Dear all - we are now beginning to launch preparations for the third (and due to resource limitations the last) Horizon Europe proposal. As a reminder the other two are ACT-FASTER! (Cybersafety in Smart City Ecosystems) and ACT-NOW! The Innovation Journey stageplay.

Below a very first summary of thoughts generated by Yael (, David (, Edna ( and myself ( While it is currently unclear which specific funding call we might apply for there will surely be opportunity with the upcoming Horizon Europe programme and we could perhaps explore various global disaster relief organizations (see for a good list). We should also aim for policy guidance input to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction ( The image is the logo of the United Nations.

Draft Abstract Version 0.1

"ACT-Natural! helps accelerate (technology supported) trust based human collaboration between individuals and organizations in times of crisis by learning from and copying nature. Examples are supporting emergent coordination between disaster relief organizations at the site of disasters (i.e. Beirut blast), sharing of sensitive knowledge in medical emergencies (i.e. Covid) or widespread cyber safety incidents (i.e. ransomware attacks on hospitals) etc. ACT-Natural! will identify key relevant collaboration patterns in nature (Yael), translate such patterns in mathematics (David), observe relevant case studies for appearance of such patterns (Edna), create a simulation model (Oliver) and develop design guidelines for bringing successful patterns in life in crisis situations (all).

ACT-Natural! will conduct case study research on crisis scenarios in each of the Horizon Europe Pillar 2 “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness” areas for


“Inclusive and Secure Society”

“Digital and Industry”

“Climate, Energy and Mobility”, and 

“Food and natural resources.

ACT-Natural! asks WHAT IF... we could learn from living systems to massively accelerate and improve fast impact of disaster relief activities?"

Stay tuned for developments and do reach out to me if you are interested in participating in the proposal development. If you do wish to participate then it would be great if you could bring along a friend from a disaster relief organization.

P.S. If you are interested in learning more please visit us at, our LinkedIn Group at, our blog at, our Researchgate project page at, our Sourceforge page at  and our Facebook page at You can also follow us via Twitter: @owschwabe (#innovationweb) and the LinkedIn Group page


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