The Narrative for Generic Diffusion of Innovation

video showing the sequential transactions is available here - Note that the speed of the video can be adjusted in YouTube as desired.

This living systems map represents a simple generic narrative for the diffusion of innovations. The narrative is applicable for all types of innovations and is distilled from a wide spectrum of research results and contemporary work-flow structures in industry. The narrative serves as a baseline for starting exploration on the nature and behavior of difussion of innovations to then provide the foundation for determining actionable interventions which can disruptively accelerate it. The narrative describes the key roles and exchanges involved from ideation through research triggered by a challenge from users to investment payback to the supporting investor. Roles are shown in grey shaded oval shapes. Tangible deliverables are shown in green shaded boxes. Intangible deliverables are shown in blue shaded boxes. An individuals transacting exchanges are shown in orange shaded ovals. Exchanges are shown by directed arrows leading from the person of origin to the person receiving the deliverable. Blue shaded boxes represent the starting sequence of the research methodology which will be adapted as research progresses. Detailed narratives underlying this simplied narrative can be found at (a) the research web (b) the socialisation web (c) the market validation web and (d) the commercialization web

This posting is the first of a series of postings which develops the research method of the project proposalEuropean Knowledge Alliance for Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovation in High Value Manufacturing Ecosystems (ADI-HVM)”. The next posting will conduct an exchange analysis of this exemplary narrative. In parallel industry works-shops will be launched to continue validation of the narrative and make adjustments as necessary.

The narrative starts with researchers receving an intangible challenge from users. Users may be located in any phase of the diffusion of innovation curve. Receiving may hereby be the result of a purposeful interaction or simply the awareness of a challenge faced by users. Researchers will then typically explore the challenge in collaboration with a thought leader in the relevant space and, based upon guidance and knowledge received develop an idea with corresponding context explanation and tangible prototype which is shared with innovators. Innovators transform the input from researchers into a potential tangible solution for the users accompanied by an intangible explanation of why and how this solution can generate value. The solution and the value proposition are transacted with sellers. The sellers shape the solution and value proposition into a tangible opportunity and specific opportunity related value proposition to then transact it with the marketeers. Marketeers are then responsible for marketing the solution and value proposition to the users in order to initially generate an intangible expression of interest which the marketeers convert into a tangible lead that is passed to the sellers. Based upon the lead received, the sellers will submit a tangible commercial proposal for purchasing the solution to the users. Upon receiving the proposal the users will request funding from the investors who (in the perfect case) respond by providing the needed funding to the users which is then used as payment to the solution to the sellers. Upon receiving payment the sellers provide the tangible product for the solution and the relevant intangible services to the users. Users then apply the product and service to resolving the challenge initially issued to the researchers and then provide payback to the investors in return for the funding provided.

A video showing the sequential transactions is available here - Note that the speed of the video can be adjusted in YouTube as desired.

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