Exploring the Third Innovation Web: The Market Validation Archetype

The second innovation web archetype of relevance is the “market validation web”. The market validation web archetype is a web of relationships that evolves when the product or the result is clear, and the goal of the network is to test and validate market or beneficiary readiness. It logically builds on the results of efforts conducted by a previous community building web archetype. It essentially consists of tangible and intangible exchanges between the researcher(s) and / or innovator,(s), the intended beneficiaries, the research community, the practitioner community and the product packager(s). The research web and the socialization archetypes continue to “operate”. A video is at available at the bottom of this post.

Once the socialization web has been transitioned to the market validation web archetype, primarily by stabilizing its transition threshold performance and populating the new roles of Buyers, Funders and Commercializers, a new sequence of transactions emerges while the research and the socialization webs continue to “operate”. In a first step the marketeer(s) will share the value potential of the innovation with the buyer(s), who then exhibit curiosity regarding this towards the user(s). User(s) will respond to the curiosity of the buyer(s) with an intangible view of the value proposition and (ideally) tangible evidence supporting an initial validation of the value potential. Based on input from the user(s) the buyer(s) create a tangible business case and, accompanied by an intangible view of the value proposition communicate that to the funder(s). The funder(s) articulate tangible requirements and intangible expectations framing these and communicate these to the commercializer. Required tangible agreements and guidance regarding how to meet these are then shared with the innovators(s) who respond with a tangible approval for the next packaging of the innovation(s) which again occurs in alignment with appropriate agreements and guidance issued by the commcercializer(s) to the product packager(s). Once the product packager(s) have signalled tangible and intangible compliance with the commercializer (s) requests (including packaging of the relevant innovation(s), an approval to deploy the packaged solution(s) is provided by the commercializer to the product packagers(s) who organize the deployment to the user(s). User(s) will then implement the packaged innovation(s) and (ideally) provide a final validation of the value proposition being achieved to the buyer(s).

As with the description of the research web only key intangible and tangible exchanges and dynamics are shown, whereby the web weaver continues to facilitate / serve the innovation web in order to support maturing it to those transition threshold maturity levels which are required for transition to the next innovation web archetype: market validation.



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