Exploring the Fourth Innovation Web: The Commercialization Archetype

The final innovation web archetype of relevance is the “commercialization web”. The commercialization web archetype involves bringing the product or result to the market through production and distribution. It consists of tangible and intangible exchanges between the researcher and / or innovator, the intended beneficiaries, the research community, the practitioner community, the product packager, the commercializer and then "closes the circle" through exchanges between the commercializer and the beneficiary. As with the description of the research, socialization, and market validation webs only key intangible and tangible exchanges and dynamics are shown, whereby the web weaver continues to facilitate / serve the innovation web in order to support maturing it to those transition threshold maturity levels which are required for value generation.

Once the market validation web has been transitioned to the commercialization web archetype, primarily by stabilizing its transition threshold performance, the uniqueness of the commercialization web becomes visible in that no new roles or transactions are specifically added. The nature of the commercialization web is rather the acceleration and hardening of the individual constituent innovation webs including the continuously improving integration to create robust, flexible and adaptive systems, which are also known as complex adaptive systems.

In this respect the initial focus is to ensure the research, socialization and market validation webs continue to operate effectively including the relevant collaborations within the roles themselves. The web weaver plays an intrinsic role in maintaining this momentum (similar to “spinning plates” if you have ever seen that circus trick). The web weaver is then also crucial to serving the “whole” sets of nested innovation webs in order to drive the creation of especially financial capital for the participants of all roles.

This nested system of innovation webs thus strongly resembles natural phenomena such as bee hives, flocks of bird and fish swarms in their behaviour. Indeed they are all the result of complex DNA structures guiding their developments, evolution and behaviours as a whole. The overall innovation web is thus a nested complex adaptive system, served by web weavers.

ENTOV-HVM aspires to contribute to the question – How can we accelerate them to a disruptively fast pace?

Maybe it is the “transition” web archetypes that exist between each of the innovation webs which are responsible for the transformation between the different innovation web stages. This , however will also be part of the future exploration.


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