Tracing Ideas from Ideation to Market Saturation

One of the biggest challenges we face as we explore the journey of ideas from ideation to market saturation is how to TRACE their progress. This is especially challenging since on their journey ideas will not only combine with others, but also dis- and re-assemble in a multitude of manners. Defining exactly what we need to trace and then how to „tag“ this in a way that allows for tracing is not an easy challenge to address! And yes, we also need to find a technique that allows fort he tracing itself. The concept of intellectual property obviously also plays a role here.
The practical outcome of investigating this challenge might be similar to the results of a GPS tracking device; where was the idea, where is it now, where is the idea heading. And of course a suggestion about what we can do to massively accelerate the speed of diffusion to market saturation (any short-cuts available perhaps?).
Thinking about how are knowledge alliance proposal is structured this then begs the question how we not only design an idea for tracing, but also embed the needed tracing capability in the innovation systems. Or is this trying to incorrectly transfer the technological „track and trace“ paradigm from supply chains?
In the end perhaps one of the most critical questions we need to explore – some colleagues have mentioned blockchain being relevant, possibly in combination with AI approaches…. how to tackle?
One of the solutions we encounter daily is „cookies“ on the web (see  Is there an innovation cooky out there?
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