Workshop - "Take the Innovation Journey - in a Day - on Stage"

All - in my last post ( you will have seen that one of the work-packages for the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance proposal we will be exploring is "5. Stage-play “Journey of Innovation”: Create a concept translating the Debra Amidon “Childs Book” and ENTOV-HVM “Wow Story” into a stage script and then an interactive stage-play (including video version). Submit concept “stand alone” fror other deliverables to funding organization, i.e. German Kulturstiftung des Bundes (next submission date 31 January 2020) ensuring that 20% project funding is solicited separately (perhaps via"

Raimonda and I are researching this idea and wondering whether this stage experience could actually be "created" by the participants of a work-shop (instead of consuming or participating in a "finished" product. Today I came across and their "Team Building:  ”Play in a Day”" - take a look. For us this could read (obviously plagiarising some of the Pigiron text...):

"Workshop - "Take the Innovation Journey - in a Day - on Stage"

Based on a the "Story of Innovation" ( participants create an original stage-play in 6-8 person teams over the course of a single day, laying out the vision for the play and proceeding through the story boarding, development, rehearsals and, ultimately, an “opening night” performance.  Besides experiencing the "Story of Innovation" and the principles of moving swiftly from ideation to market saturation, participants learn important team concepts including: valuing all team members' contributions, obtaining buy-in from all members toward a common vision, the role of a successful team leader, creating a strong team structure, and the value in generating extraordinarily high team goals and reaching them.  ENTOV-HVM brings its own team of designers and facilitators to the program to help the participants bring the innovation journey to life.  The workshop ends with the opening night “world premiere” performances and a wrap-up discussion to extract the key learnings of the program and translate these learnings to the individual's innovation world."

Any thoughts? If you would like to help co-create this workshop offer please let us know - there is some effort involved, however it would create a great "stand-alone" market offer, make a great contribution to the training concept and truly help design the larger work-package. If you have any thoughts on who might be interested in such an event - even better :)

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