Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test Version 3.0 Available - Now with Case Study Comparisons for Your Results

Dear all – the Litmus Test has been revised after completing the case study research for our conference article (final submitted version to be shared shortly) and is now available at If you have used previous versions of the tool you can easily copy/paste your results into the new version.
You can now compare your results with an ideal reference model, and 13 case studies. We have also added a Litmus Test “Traffic Light” summary to the top of the tab “Litmus Test Results” and simplified the user interface.
As we continue our case study work the next capability planned is a simple dependency model which can easily be gamed for scenario exploration. The aspiration is to release this early September.
The purpose of the test is to help you innovate successfully and rapidly from ideation to market saturation. This questionnaire is used to structure an interview with a qualified ENTOV-HVM facilitator. If you are taking it without guidance please review the following detailed instruction (to be defined). In order to use this tool effectively you should have a good grasp on the “idea” you wish to explore. “Good” ideas are typically well-defined products / services or change projects.
In total there have been 34 downloads of the tool since it was first launched in April and the image shows the global use as captured by our host Sourceforge.
P.S. If you are interested in learning more please visit us at, our LinkedIn Group at, our blog at, our Researchgate project page at, our Sourceforge page at  and our Facebook page at You can also follow us via Twitter: @owschwabe (#innovationweb) and the LinkedIn Group page


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