Accelerating the Diffusion of Green Hydrogen Solutions - Introducing an Innovative Masters Thesis

The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation is supporting an innovative Masters Thesis being conducted at the Technical University of LIsbon by a great young colleague Lourenço Horta Correia. Please see below for more information and do feel free to reach out to him if you have ideas / can support his efforts with case studies. The image shows the first sketches of supply chain pathways and will be extended continuously to illustrate existing and planned pathways with their relevant diffusion performance and innovation opportunities.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges regarding climate change and Green House Gases (GHG) emissions and the European Union is responding to these issues setting an ambitious yet attainable action plan for a systematic transformation towards a carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

Green Hydrogen – meaning hydrogen produced from renewable energies – will be a major player for a sustainable energy transition as an energy carrier with numerous uses such as transportation, industry, heating, and energy storage. It is seen by many experts as a viable solution to decarbonize different sectors over time. However, this technology is still in its early stages of development with a lack of infrastructure, investment, and with so many applications, the supply chain becomes more complex and continuous improvements are still needed.

This master thesis in Industrial Engineering and Management will focus on the innovation diffusion of the Green Hydrogen Supply Chain. A dependency model will be developed based on available Case Studies and semi-structured interviews to assess how this innovation will diffuse in the current market conditions and how fast will it reach market saturation. The model presented is based on the diffusion of innovation principles developed by Everett M. Rodgers and aligned with recent literature review in the field of sustainable energy and hydrogen supply chain. It is expected to understand how Green Hydrogen and its supply chain will develop throughout time from its introduction in the many possible sectors to market saturation and what are the variables influencing the speed of diffusion and their interdependence.

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