Invitation to the Innovation Journey in Padova - May 5th, 2020

Innovation Journey in Padova - May 5th, 2020

The Open European Network for ENTerprise InnOVation in High Value Manufacturing (ENTOV-HVM) -, Entovation International and the University of Padova are excited to announce the world premiere of “The Innovation Journey” Stage “Play in a Day” during the Galileo Innovation Week in Padua, Italy on Tuesday May 5th, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the Sala Rossini of Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua. Pre-registrations are requested HERE. You will experience how innovation travels from ideation to market saturation. 

The play will be performed by aspiring actors who convened at 10 a.m. in the morning. See EVENT DETAILS and TEXT. This event will inspire us on our path to changing the world. We look forward to welcoming you as an actor or member of the audience for a wonderful and exciting event.

** The performance of the event remains dependent on the Corona situation and we will keep everyone updated on whether or not the event will be possible **


The event is moderated by Dr. Oliver Schwabe. He is the founder and Principal Web Weaver at ENTOV-HVM and a highly experienced business (value) network strategist with a wide range of academic and industrial experience in the ideation, design, development and implementation of innovation processes. A deeply skilled weaver of the relationship patterns fundamental to making innovation diffuse across networks, Oliver authored the text and designed the event.


The video is available at

Video Text “Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Oliver Schwabe and I would like to invite you to join us in co-creating the true story of how wonderful innovations travel from that Eureka moment „I have an idea“ to that moment where it becomes a household word… Welcome to a unique opportunity to experience the journey with all your senses from the morning when you will join the creation of a tribe of other novice actors passionate about diffusing innovation in a heart-beat, through creating that story together during the day with expert facilitator help, and then actually presenting the story as a Shakespearean play in the evening before a live audience. Not only will you experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions on the way to that performance, you will also experience the thrills of emergent collaboration and co-creation that are the magic recipe of making innovations a success. This workshop is based on the thinking of a wonderful thought leader called Debra Mae Amidon who unfortunately left us much too early, the story of the mouse „Wow“ who had a “really really” good idea and finally the research based script and choreography of that idea as it diffused through a series of interdependent innovation ecosystem archetypes.  If you love theatre (and honestly, who doesn´t?) and if you love innovation then join us at our event as an actor, a member of the audience at the performance, or as an interested observer… There is room for everyone from age 18 and older, from any background, whether you have acting skills or not – we will all work together to have a magical day, a wonderful performance and of course a fantastic on-stage party after the event  In association with our network members this event is on a global roadshow and may soon be coming to your part of the world – if not, why not contact us and help fill the gap? We are always looking for partners to co-host the event, maybe as part of a larger conference or festival, or maybe in a more private organizational setting as an away day or leadership training. Whatever the context, whatever your role, you will find yourself enthused, energized and enabled to drive innovations forward faster and implement these more sustainably. We look forward to meeting you – “playing” is when we are most human, and the more human we are, the more able we are able to innovate the world together! Take care and hope to see you soon!”

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