Revised Project Summary: Open European Network for ENTerprise InnOVation in High Value Manufacturing (ENTOV-HVM)

Based on a variety of feedback on the COST proposal the project summary has been revised as per below and updated on the COST platform. In contrast to the previous version it should now be a lot simpler with a clear focus on the diffusion of innovation in the high value manufacturing context, defines the workgroups based on deliverables and highlights the instrumental role of out ITC colleagues. The next part of the proposal to be revised will be the mission and policy. As always comments and feedback are appreciated and this statement may not exceed 250 words (247 at the moment).

Revised Project Summary: Open European Network for ENTerprise InnOVation in High Value Manufacturing (ENTOV-HVM)

"Competitive advantage in high value manufacturing (HVM) industries, like aerospace and pharmaceuticals, is based on evolving as many new ideas as feasible to market saturation as rapidly as possible.  Examples are super-alloy materials and metal printing.
A low percentage of such ideas master this diffusion of innovation (DOI) primarily due to relevant game-changing intangible exchanges between critical stakeholders in HVM DOI being largely hidden. Examples are trust and perceived value.

ENTOV-HVM aims to uncover such exchanges through living systems based research methods. A multidisciplinary network of experienced DOI stakeholders will collaborate with early career researchers and young innovators from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) through techniques such as training and scientific missions, joint research-industry workshops, and living labs to help unravel the dynamics of HVM DOI. Learning will be disseminated through the techniques, conference contributions, journal papers, and mini-conferences to inform policy developments and practice at all levels.

The Action will establish six ITC-led workgroups (a) Success Stories: Mapping the DOI of successful historical HVM innovations (b) Living Networks: Creating a reference-architecture for game-changing exchanges in HVM DOI (c) Disruptive Technology: Understanding how technology can disruptively accelerate HVM DOI (d) Disruptive Relationships: Understanding how intangible exchanges can disruptively accelerate HVM DOI, (e) Designing for Rapid Diffusion: Defining the optimal design of HVM ideas to diffuse in a “heart-beat”, and (f) Innovation Automation: Establishing an online platform for automating exchanges in HVM DOI.

The Action will be followed by a wider research project for expanding the insights gained."

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