Roundtable “Improving City Cybersecurity – Accelerating the Sharing of Sensitive Personal Knowledge “- April 21 at 4PM CET

Dear all,

In collaboration with Major Cities of Europe ( round table will give us the opportunity for sharing examples on how we could collaboratively change the paradigm about on how to manage cybersecurity threats in a dynamic and effective way.

Please contact me at if you are interested in participating and I will forward the invite.


Daily news about cyberattacks around the world show that City administrations are sensitive targets of phishing, ransomware, malicious viruses etc.  Attacks occur to all our IT systems, sometimes without even us noticing. Managing those threats by being ready to prevent them is a major challenge. Technology solutions, CISOs security officers, national and international official initiatives are essential but not enough. Many CIOs, especially medium / small cities, feel alone in managing these overwhelming issues. Often these attacks succeed with heavy consequences but very often they are kept secret and no relief goes to those that might be attached next.

It is like the battle between David and Goliath…but David can win again if many different David join forces. 

Overview of the Round table: it will gather examples from CIOs managing cybersecurity by working as a community and showing how effective it can be.  We will discuss about how models of such communities can work and how we propose to evolve them into a stable organisation. The proposed model would be like an Information and Analysis Centre (ISAC) for Cities, as the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) defines them. Initially this would be a Major Cities of Europe working group which then seeks EU funding to grow widely, robustly, and sustainably. The working title of our initiative is “I4C – ISAC for Cities”. At the end of the event, we will launch the working group with an invitation to join.


·         Hervé Groléas - CIO of Lyon Metropolis

·         Ruth Buckley -CIO of Cork City

·         Paolo Boscolo – CIO of Prato

·         Martin Ferguson – SOCITM Policy and research director

·   Rossen Naydenov - Officer in Network Information Security - European Union Agency for Cybersecurity

·      Oliver Schwabe - Principal Web Weaver and Founder - Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation

·         Giorgio Prister – President of Major Cities of Europe


The webinar will take place on April 21 at 4PM CET – duration about 1,5 hours. 

More information about the agenda will follow. 


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