Review of Roundtable “Improving Local Government-Cybersecurity – Proposal for creating an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC)” Wednesday 21/04/2021 and Invitation to Launch Event

On April 21 we had a roundtable discussion about Improving Local Government Cybersecurity, and we launched the idea of creating an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) for cities. Based on the active participation of 39 people and the interest shown in our proposal we have decided to go to the next step and launch the ISAC with an initial webinar in which we will present our plan and engage those that are interested in becoming part of it. The webinar is planned on May 18 at 3 PM CET. If you are a CIO/CISO of an EU municipality and would like to attend please contact for further details.

The roundtable was focussed on discussing possible approaches for cities to manage cybersecurity issues and evaluating the opportunity of building an interest group on cybersecurity within MCE, to foster the launch of an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC)to support cooperation and sharing of experience in this field. The event was introduced by Giorgio Prister and was moderated by Oliver Schwabe, Principal Web Weaver & Founder of The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation. Apanel  of  testimonials had  been  invited  to offer  some  inputs  on  city  strategies  in  facing  the challenges posed by cybersecurity:

•Hervé Groléas -CIO of Lyon Metropolis

•Ruth Buckley -CIO of Cork City

•Paolo Boscolo –CIO of Prato

•Martin Ferguson –SOCITM Policy and research director

•Rossen Naydenov -Officer in Network Information Security –ENISA European Union Agency for Cybersecurity

A  presentation was then  provided  by Remco  van  der  Spiegel to illustrate the “Empowering  EU-ISACs”EU funded project.

Finally,  participants  had  the  opportunity  to  discuss  on  how  an  ISAC  could  be  developed  and supported and which organisational models could best suit cities’ need and expectations, starting from concrete experiences

Transcription of Event:

Full video of Panel Discussion:


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