The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation - Now top-titled "84%"


Looking back at the evolution of "The Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation" over the past few years it has become sorely evident that we need a much clearer message on the BENEFIT of our work. Such a message must be clear in the logo as well since that serves as the "wrapper" for all of our activities.

An answer to this challenge came rather quickly after a series of research interviews preparing us for new proposals in 2021. All interviews revolved around gathering stories of successful change efforts from those who were responsible for them and then using our Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test (Version 3 – see for free download) to understand what it would have taken to enable reaching the 84% user adoption needed for achieving sustainable change. ALL of our work revolves around how to reach that 84% as rapidly as possible..... Thus we have made the decision to "Top-Title" our network identity with a text logo stating simply this -> "84%". All of our materials (i.e. website etc) will now slowly be moved to this new "brand" identify.

All previous work, be it research or commercial project delivery, has focused on achieving this 84%, whereby the biggest challenge has always been explaining WHY this is the magic number (versus perhaps the "42" offered by Douglas Adams - see,_the_Universe,_and_Everything_(42)). Interestingly enough we find "84" is "2 x 42".... :) The underlying theory of course stems from the "invisible college" around Rogers, E.M. (2003) Diffusion of Innovations. 5th Edition. The Free Press A Division of Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. which reminds us that adopters are grouped as Innovators 2%, Early Adopters 14%. Early Majority 34%, Late Majority 34% and Laggards 16%. Designing innovations and change to reach the Late Majority is a very different game than that typically "played" (which actually only focuses on the Innovators and Early Adopters). Such "designs" depend on understanding our body of work which skilfully integrates systems thinking, living systems principles, complexity thinking etc.

So.... watch out for more as we adjust our course and if anyone asks what we are about.... We enable 84% of a target audience to sustainably change their behavior. Simple.

Cheers and ever onwards


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84% - Enabled by the Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation



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