World Premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day - Wow!


On Wednesday 14 October 2020 the world premiere of the "Innovation Journey" Play-in-a-Day occured during the Galileo Innovation Week in Padova (See Six students of the CONTAMINATION LAB VENETO had bravely volunteered to meet the unknown and met at the Cultural Centre of Padua (See at 9 am to prepare for THEIR story at 5 pm in front of perhaps 200 visitors in the audience. We had ONLY THREE HOURS to prepare and the nervousness mounted over time!

We had met in a short Zooom on the preceeding Friday and did cheat a little in that everyone received the play script after that call (See and thus had a little time to explore the story they were being asked to present. In addition we decided to use the opportunity and ask Professor Piero Formica to act as "advocatus diaboli" (See challenging the ideas the students would come up with.

Quickly moving to Italian as the linqua franca the provided script was transposed into the context of the actors and collaboration challenges and successes continuously experienced LIVE - the pressure of having to perform in the feeling growing steadily.  Instead of focusing on "innovation" in general there were heated discussions on a specific example to use and the team finally decided to chose the innovation of an electrical car with computer/mobile telefony set in a time when there were only horse carriages. Artifacts - there were none. Costumes - there were none. Music and videos - there were none. A live drama "unplugged" where everyone continuously experienced the innovation journey (See also the story of Wow the Mouse and his “REALLY REALLY GOOD IDEA” at - a story of improvisation and experimentation.

The video now gives a taste of what the result of the journey was and reflects only a small part of the overall experience of the participants. Moving forward this world premiere will go on tour across the EU (EU or other funding success assumed) and then bring all participants together in the London UK Shakespeare Globe Theatre for a multi-day event/festival experimenting with the European innovation story! Our courageous actors will of course form the core of a "self-help" group for all the new actors joining us. In parallel the Play-in-a-Day will be hardened as an opportunity for organizations seeking to develop their leaders.

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