Innovation Diffusion Litmus Test Maturity - Overall Results -> Traffic Lights

Dear all, as Version 3 of the Litmus Test (Version 2 available via matures for planned release middle of June we are introducing a “traffic light” system for the top level indicators as shown in the image. “Traffic Lights” or “RAG” (red, amber, green) visualizations have shown themselves to be even simpler communication tools than maturity levels and hence the expectation that this will make it all the easier to understood how “healthy” the effort being evaluated is. “Red” of course means “do not proceed”, “Yellow” means “proceed with caution” and “Green” means “Fine to proceed”. The image shows the results for the exemplary case study on 3D printing in high value manufacturing in our conference article that will be submitted shortly. Moving from red to amber to green is achieved by working on the individual assessment questions.

The traffic lights are thus the highest level of abstraction for the Litmus Test results. The coloring is given by the maturity levels which are calculated from the Litmus Test questions. “Below” the Litmus Test there are more detailed analytics than can be drawn from deeper exploration of the innovation web and typically draw upon principles of social and organizational network analysis. In general, the Litmus Test is “good enough” to identify basic actionable measures to significantly improve the chances of an idea diffusing rapidly from ideation to market saturation. Achieving a “disruptive” acceleration (i.e. when you don´t think you have a chance to fix the basics) need deeper investigation though.

The color scoring for “Overall Maturity”, “Idea Maturity”, “Population Maturity” and “Overall Confidence” is, pending the aspired development of a robust dependency model, identical in that a score of >80% = Maturity Level 5 = Green, a score of 60%-79% = Maturity Level 4 = Green, a score of 40%-59% = Maturity Level 3 = Amber, a score of 20%-39% = Maturity Level 2 = Red, a score of 0%-19% = Maturity Level 1 = Red.

The color scoring for Project Schedule Adherence is slightly different in that an adherence of <106% = Maturity Level 5 = Green, an adherence of 106%-186% = Maturity Level 4 = Amber, an adherence of 187%-249% = Maturity Level 3 = Amber, an adherence of 250%-289% = Maturity Level 2 = Red, an adherence of 290%-300% = Maturity Level 1 = Red and an adherence >300% = Maturity Level 0 = Red.

In summary – traffic lights being added to simplify but not wanting to become simplistic!

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