ADI-HVM One Page Overview – the Living Innovation System and the DNA of the Idea

Dear all – this single page high level overview of ADI-HVM has developed out of many discussions in the last days and seems to work well to share the journey we are on. The slide is available in the LinkedIn group (plus circulated via email and needs to be viewed in presentation mode in Powerpoint please. The first “sequence” of animations shows the 6 whole product life cycle steps from ideation through to maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) which is sort of product focused. The second “sequence” of animations then shows the diffusion of innovations stage with a market focus. We then see that investments are primarily made on the right, and profits are primarily made on the left (the deeper into the market we get the greater those are). The variables determining the rate of adoption of innovations in the market (as discussed by Everett Rodgers) is then present – they have a strong product focus). We then suggest that the speed of diffusion is primarily dependent on the interconnectedness of stages (image of a neural network) and that we are looking to design the DNA of ideas in a way that enables disruptively fast diffusion of ideas “around the clock” from ideation (the “light bulb” to Obsolescence”. We have tested the storyline a little with two manufacturing innovations within organizations (a temperature sensor and a milling process) and also with a product to diffuse into a market (bridges) – seems to work well. What a fantastic challenge and journey J Feel free to circulate!

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