WP 4 Identify Variables and Game Changers influencing Speed of Innovation Diffusion

Dear all - this is a refined draft of the FOURTH Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Workpackage with a focus on industrial whole product lifecycles. Comments appreciated as we work to refine and align with the potential workpackage owner. Please note that the supporting workpackages are intended for project participants either owning other workpackages or interested in supporting workpackages only. The image points to concept of tipping points (see https://www.bain.com/de/insights/tipping-points-when-to-bet-on-new-technologies/) which is a key perspective of this workpackage. If you are interested in a supporting workpackage please contact oliver.schwabe@innovation-web.eu - you will be expected to contribute to shaping this and your own workpackage.


This implementation workpackage conducts the in-depth quantitative analysis and evaluation of the created system dynamics model in order to identify the variables (including tipping points) of relevance and game changers for disruptively accelerating whole product lifecycles. The workpackage serves as the foundation for all following workpackage. The aim of the workpackage is to determine the interdependence of the variables from the objectives of disruptively accelerating the diffusion of innovations through the whole product life cycle, including what actionable changes for industry in the whole product life cycle process can lead to such effects.  


The estimated start date is month #13 of the project and the estimated end date is month 24 of the project, although the team will continue to support other workpackages during the complete duration of the project. All tasks will be made transparent to the public as open access and public domain. The tasks of the workpackage are: 
  • Validate the system dynamics model based on standard procedures.
  • Define model objectives.
  • Define input parameters.
  • Define key analysis scenarios.
  • Conduct case study based analyses to validate model performance.
  • Identify co-variances of model variables.
  • Design and conduct experiments to determine current tipping points.
  • Implement key analysis scenarios in order to correlate whole product life cycle changes with changes of simulation results.
  • Based upon the results of the scenario analysis determine actionable whole product life cycle changes to accelerate innovation diffusion.
  • Develop guidelines on simulation usage for workpackage 5 “Create Risk and Uncertainty Reduction Framework”
  • Develop guidelines on simulation usage for workpackage 6 “Create Design Principles for Rapid Diffusion of Innovative Ideas.”


The deliverables are outcomes of the tasks and will be made available in the public domain. 
  • A validated system dynamics model.
  • Model objectives.
  • Definition of input parameters.
  • Key analysis scenarios.
  • Co-variances of model variables.
  • Current tipping points.
  • Actionable whole product life cycle changes to accelerate innovation diffusion.
  • Guidelines on simulation usage for workpackage 5 “Create Risk and Uncertainty Reduction Framework”
  • Guidelines on simulation usage for workpackage 6 “Create Design Principles for Rapid Diffusion of Innovative Ideas.”
  • One hour monthly alignment calls with all project participants to inform of workpackage progress.


This workpackage will run for 12 consecutive months and will be primarily resourced by two full time researchers.  Six supporting workpackages of 160 hours each support conducting the workpackage and one funded Master project is planned as further aid to workpackage delivery. One funded PhD position is also provided for, whereby this assumes a three year full time research effort that commences at the beginning of year 1 of the project and ends with the end of year 3 of the project.

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