Act and Scene Structure for "The Innovation Journey" (including training course)

Please see below for the emerging act and scene structure. As you will notice each act/scene builds on each other to then, as a whole, create the innovation journey experience.

Each act/scene will be accompanied by a "commentary" which contains suggestions for the act/scene settings, an explanation of the context, learning objectives, learning resources, discussion questions, and writing assignments. This is then the foundation for the training course / Master level certificate that we have discussed previously and which is one of the COST proposal deliverables.

ACT I: “The Infant Idea”.

Systematic and experimental innovation with foresight of the complete diffusion journey occurs.

Scene 1: An idea is born.

Scene 2:  A “really really” good idea emerges.

ACT II:  “The Childish Idea”

An enthusiastic initial coalition of the willing forms and is confronted by reality.

Scene 1: Playful experimentation.

Scene 2:  Disillusionment.

ACT III:  “The Adolescent Idea”

Shared ownership of the idea emerges and it begins its own life plagued by the repeated need to adapt.

Scene 1:  The heart beats.

Scene 2:   The rebellion.

ACT IV:   “The Game Changers”

The influence of the idea grows and it is used in surprising ways before adoption suddenly accelerates.

Scene 1:   The adoption surprise.

Scene 2:   Going viral.

ACT V:    “Kaleidoscope of Colours”

The idea matures to become a house-hold word and encourages new approaches to replace it.

Scene 1:    The plateau.

Scene 2:   Enabling the new.

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