Let us STOP innovation!

ENTOV-HVM is all about learning how to ACCELERATE innovation - ideally to a "heart-beat". In the course of various discussions we have also come across the question whether we should try to STOP innovation in some industries - sound strange?

Well think again.... not only is there a concept regarding "responsible" innovation, but there are also huge industries out there that are immensely illegal and immoral by many standards - drugs, weapons, sex, gambling and human trafficking immediately come to mind, or most things on the dark web... these industries are incredibly capable of rapid innovation - indeed it is the only way they survive... the interesting point of course is that they are by default unregulated, understanding their "innovation webs" is a unique challenge.

What if we could learn how to STOP or slow innovation in these industries? Maybe a new ENTOV effort in its own right - ENTOV-"SI" for "STOP INNOVATION"? Thoughts appreciated!

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