What does a "Hop On Hop Off" Project Look Like?

As ENTOV-HVM slowly "takes off" one of the interesting questions is how do we design a "project" so that participants can "hop on hop off" as they are available? A typical project is defined by not only time and budget, but also by resources which seems to contradict allowing participants to freely come and go?
The answer may well lie in the role based approach which states that in order to succeed a project needs a minimum number of roles which are populated by a minimum number of participants which may change (while the role remains stable). Image of a "hop on hop off" bus from London (see https://www.musement.com/de/london/london-hop-on-hop-off-bustouren-v/).

So far the intent, however unclear remains how this maps into any legal and commercial agreements that will be required from stakeholders providing funding - for the "hop on hop off" participants this should not be an issue, but for the "bus driver"? No solutions to date, yet I suspect the answer will be dependent on shaping workpackages that are consumable in a "hop on hop off" context AND ensuring that at least the bus driver feels bound to a longer commitment!

To "hop on" please join us at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8779542/!


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