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This blog post is a draft response to “Section 1 Soundness of the Challenge / Section 1.2 Progress Beyond the State of the Art / Section 1.2.1 Approach to the Challenges and Progress beyond the State of the Art” in the technical annex of the planned COST 2019 Open Call Proposal Reference: OC-2019-1-23678 "Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ENTOV-HVM)". The image shows the logo of the effort which consists of overlapping spaces for each archetypal role of the innovation web and a central Lotus flower in tribute to the concept / paradigm of Lotus Innovation put forward by Debra Mae Amidon (see

Compared to current concepts of technology innovation accelerator policies, procedures, process and organizations, ENTOV-HVM is unique and beyond state-of-the art due to its focus on (a) weaving unique and customized innovation webs for each (group of) ideas, (b) populating the most relevant roles of Innovator, Product Packager, User, Marketeer, Buyer, Funder and Commercializer with the optimal organizational and individual participants (c) providing high end no-/low-cost simulation resources, and (d) complementary mentorship of young researchers through seasoned manufacturing enterprise experts. The mentorship component focuses on enabling the young researcher / innovators to perform robust industry quality simulation of their manufacturing innovations within industrial organizations. This combination helps create a sustainable innovation zone bridging the gap between the ideation and adoption phases of the innovation process. ENTOV-HVM furthermore contributes to the exchange of relevant information, identify synergies and pursue common research activities regarding the optimization of its approach to enable scaling and templating, therefore reinforcing the strength of the webs of relationships built and the leadership of Europe in this field.

While the network will also provide and socialize an open scalable online “matchmaking” platform for populating roles and weaving webs, the emphasis lies on face-to-face / live “web weaving” events delivered through scientific missions where a small number of ideas and interested role participants are brought together to enable collaborative innovation. ENTOV-HVM intensively supports, mentors, guides and facilitates all participants through all stages of the innovation process.

The next posting will address the planned research and capacity building objectives.

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