Innovation as Emergency Response

Did you know that it takes several months to a year to find, implement and benefit from a manufacturing innovation? Experience however shows that if you can´t get it done in under 3 months, it will not really get done. In this respect innovation speed is THE dominant success factor.
From a visioning perspective, what if we could innovate our manufacturing shop floors in REAL-TIME? The journey to real-time innovation on manufacturing shop floors is a complex one and builds on a robust tribe of stakeholders from innovators, through users, product packagers, buyers, funders, to marketeers and commercializers, follows an evolving and emergent pattern of stakeholder relationships, feels, tastes, smells, sounds, looks and desires to be an incident response phenomenon.
The analogy to incident response is perhaps crucial to reflect upon since the current innovation process resembles a bureaucratic nightmare in many situations, while incident response “short circuits” any and all bureaucracy in the interest of the outcome – or would you like to call an emergency number like 911 and then spend hours providing details? The need to innovate is urgent.

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