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Hello World! This blog supports the Open European Network for Enterprise Innovation in High Value Manufacturing (ENTOV-HVM). ENTOV-HVM is a purposeful, sustainable, open, self-organizing and living European web of relationships for rapidly nurturing high potential high value manufacturing innovations to industrial adoption by young researchers and early career investigators. ENTOV-HVM is focused on using advanced complex and living network facilitation principles for creating that moderated “space” which autonomously attracts not only innovators and early career investigators, but also motivated mentors from research and industry in order to populate the key roles of a successful innovation web. ENTOV-HVM is focused on high potential high value manufacturing innovations at low technical readiness levels which require specific advanced collaboration and simulation capabilities, and capacity acquisition and capability development enterprise innovation networks typically used by mature research and industry organizations. ENTOV-HVM will quickly and repeatedly initiate, define, manage and optimize “child” webs for nurturing individual suitable innovations through the research, community building, market validation and commercialization phases of the innovation zone maturation process. ENTOV-HVM stands on the “shoulders of giants". It is inspired by the work and approach of the UK Innovation Agency which is part of the UK Research and Innovation Agency. It is further dedicated in memory to the thought leaders Debra Mae Amidon on Enterprise Innovation and Bryan Elliot Davis on Knowledge Innovation Zones. Unique to the project is central concept of “web weaving”. Our LinkedIn Group can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8779542 and the network website can be found at www.innovation-web.eu.


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